Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Unfinished Poetry Prompt

In the poem Here by Philip Larkin, there are many different techniques that Larkin uses to convey his attitude toward the places he describes. Larkin describes a type of farmland, a large town, a sub-urb off the town and a place past the towns that grows freely.
Larkin seems to portray a peaceful tone to the first stanza, and the poem starts of pastoral. He uses a lot of imagery, such as: "rich industrial shadows" , "gold clouds" , and "shining gull-marked mud." In the second stanza the tone is more harsh, like he is telling the readers that he doesn't enjoy large towns as much as the country.

Thats all my essay has for now.

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  1. Alex

    Although your essay was incomplete you seems to have understood what the prompt was looking for and how Larkin used his literary techniques from the introduction I think that your essay would have been exactly what the prompt was looking for.

    I give you a 7-6