Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Unfinished Poetry Prompt

In the poem Here by Philip Larkin, there are many different techniques that Larkin uses to convey his attitude toward the places he describes. Larkin describes a type of farmland, a large town, a sub-urb off the town and a place past the towns that grows freely.
Larkin seems to portray a peaceful tone to the first stanza, and the poem starts of pastoral. He uses a lot of imagery, such as: "rich industrial shadows" , "gold clouds" , and "shining gull-marked mud." In the second stanza the tone is more harsh, like he is telling the readers that he doesn't enjoy large towns as much as the country.

Thats all my essay has for now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kofka is about Gregor Samsa morphing into a beetle like creature. The morph effects Gregor, and the rest of his family. Gregor's metamorphosis causes his sister, Grete's morph from child to adult. Kofka both Gregor and Grete's morphs contribute by adding more meaning to the novella.
Gregor's metamorphisis is the most important morph in the work, he just wakes up one morning and is a bug. He doesn't think much of it, he just worries about getting to work on time and not getting in trouble for being late. His change could have been caused from the over work. He lives for his job, and provides for his entire family and repay his father's debt. He doesn't have many concerns except for work, and he adores Grete and wants the best for her. His love for his sister made him work even harder, he wanted to provide the best life for her that he could.
Grete's morph contributes greatly to the novella, she transforms from a child to an adult. She starts off worried about Gregor, to working and looking for a husband at the end. She loves Gregor and cared for him when no one else would, and her father didn't approve. She tried to help Gregor as much as she could by removing the furniture from his room so he could crawl around easier and had more room to do so. She eventually gave up on Gregor turning back into a human, which is when she got a job and matured faster than before.
Both Gregor's morph was the main morph in the book, but Grete's also provided a lot to the novella. Gregor's change could have been caused from over work, which he seemed to do a lot of and Kafka could have ment the readers to take that as a warning, like don't work too much, bad things could happen. Grete change happened only because of Gregor's. She matured by helping Gregor and being the only one to almost accept his condition, that could be because she was the only one taking care of him and that would make her mature faster. When Grete gave up on Gregor turning back into a human, it was like she gave up on her childhood and that is when her transformation took place. Gregor changed physically and Grete more so matured mentally.
The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka deals with many morphs by many characters. Gregor's morph was the more important one, while Grete's morph is caused by Gregor's. Both morphs add great meaning to the novella, in many ways.